La Rioja is an autonomous region in the north of Spain that covers an area of about 5,000Km2 and has a population of 308,000. The river Ebro crosses it from west to east.

It's the cradle of the Spanish language and it owes the universal fame of its name to its excellent wines. At the moment, there are more than 500 wine cellars what shows the importance of this sector in the region. Its vineyards are scattered all over the country, make up a beautiful and original landscape which surprises the visitors pleasantly. The oenotourism is becoming more and more important and the interest in the wine routes, the oenology museums and all related to its harvest and production increases day by day.

There are many things to see in La Rioja like the monasteries of Suso and Yuso (cradles of the Spanish language and very beautiful enclaves) the dinosaur tracks (footprints) and the Pilgrimage of Santiago.

Another characteristic which defines La Rioja is its people's hospitality which leaves its mark on all the visitors.



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